American Asparagus is a Chicago-based experimental journal of cultural criticism and creative projects. We are currently accepting unpublished, original submissions on a rolling basis from all authors and artists. There are no submission fees and contributors retain all rights at the point of publishing. Please see our submission guidelines for more information.

We will consider basically anything: short stories, non-fiction, fiction, ethnography, critical theory, plays, passages from epics, illustrations, photography, painting, sculpture, interactive/new media, video games, any visual representation of music (including sheet music), interviews, biographies, autobiographies, hagiographies, sound poems, satire, and cultural criticism. Update: No limericks. No term papers. No boring shit.



Deadline for Issue 2

March 15, 2014

Submission Guidelines and Other Information

Please do not submit a piece that has been published elsewhere. We do, however, accept simultaneous submissions. If your submission is a sufficiently modified or edited version of previously published material, please appropriately cite the place of publication of your original version within your text. Similarly, if you choose to re-publish a piece you have had published with American Asparagus, please adequately acknowledge American Asparagus as the original place of publication. Any use of material published at American Asparagus requires proper citation. Authors retain rights to their material, and are fully responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to borrow illustrations, photography and/or large portions of previously published text.

The design for American Asparagus is based on principles of generative typography. This means that many stylistic elements (e.g. typeface, size, placement) are shaped by an algorithmic process that continually draws from ongoing user interaction in order to shape future design. You can see this process in action at the top of this page: the font and colors of each letter are randomly selected and changed with every visit to our website. Please see our press kit for more information.

Note to contributors: We will define unique parameters for each entry, so this process will be sensitive to the stylistic needs of your work.